Building Operations

Here at SMD we employ both traditional and modern building techniques to suit any project. Traditional methods would include the use of lime mortars and reclaimed stone or brick from local sources. Many of the buildings we refurbish and maintain require sympathetic techniques in order to preserve the fabric of the building.

Where modern materials are used they are installed to specification in order to maximise the benefits for client. As a rule we offer Environmentally Friendly alternatives inline with our Environmental Policy. We are mindful of the environment and ensure transportation is kept to a minimum and disposal routes are monitored carefully.

Historically we have undertaken many structural projects many connected to shop fitting programmes where considerabe changes have been required to maximise space in a retail or entertainment venue. Examples include the removal of central building fireplaces at ground floor with several stories above; the insertion of basement ground beams on reinforced pads allowed for the installation of steel goal posts spanning a shop supporting the levels above.


Walling and pointing Walls and ground retention
Brick laying, stone buildings, dry stone walling, concrete block installations Brick, Stone & Block
Sub-surface foundation work Foundation work
Structural rectification, pinning and steel propping Pinning & Propping

New roof installations, ashfelt and single ply roof membrane Roofing & Chimneys
Internal plastering and external rendering Plaster work and Rendering
Concrete pads, reinforced concrete rafts Concrete pad work
Hot rolled tarmac repairs and installations Tarmac installations & Repairs

Ground Works

Having our own plant and machinery allows us to pass on the benefits of reduced costs to the client where otherwise you would be faced with costly rental, deliver & collection charges.

A typical ground works project would be to scan (sub-surface to establish and risk of mains services), cut and remove damaged concrete pads. We often cut large areas into meter square sections, centrally drill and lift out sections with our machine - this method is often favourable to occupied premises as an alternative to peckering for hours or days on end.

Once cleared we assess the subsurface and often remove spoil before inserting a suitable aggregate, often from recycled sources environmentally clean and certified. Whilst the sub-surface is exposed there are drainage options, much of which we install to surface level either bespoke, Birco or Acco channels (dependant on traffic) leading to collection pits or interceptors. The benefit of which ensures environmental compliance for those sites where hazardous substances could be present; inspection, cleaning and monitoring are all done at ground level - no camera work, lining or further civil works to fix cracked or leaking piped.