Modular Buildings

We work in partnership with suppliers of Temporary Buildings installed across the UK.

Temporary Buildings Whats is a Temporary Building?

A Temporary Building is a modular frame system of varying heights and widths tailored to suit any industry from car valeting to ship building.

Our service offering allows you to have a single appointed contractor who will take your thought process to reality. If you do not have concrete to bolt a temporary building to, we can help. We have a wealth of experience in ground works to facilitate temporary structures - many solutions are unusual and tailored to suit the industry sector requirements such as sub surface pad levels, in-situ ramps and bund systems with bolt box pads formed in-situ.

We also build level collars to existing paved surfaces to create a level for your temporary building.

Most systems require lighting and rain water drainage to ensure the inside areas remain dry, during our ground works task we will ensure appropriate ducting and drainage is


    Survey & Design

    Fabricate & Build

Storage Bunkers

We are a recognised and experienced installer of precast concrete block systems. We design & Build solutions for many industries including Aggregate suppliers, Farming, Recycling & Waste Management companies.

precast concrete blocks Storage Bunkers Open or Closed

Your storage solution is unique to what material you wish to stock.

We build open stalls often interlinked at the back wall leading to many more which offers rigidity in the design.

We also create closed cube systems where bagged material can be lifted in and covered for a longer term storage solution. Find out more.

Temporary Buildings Flammable Material Storage Bunkers

If you have flammable or volitile materials you need them to be as far away from other materials and or buildings as possible right?
We install a specific block system which was developed as a radiation screening system for blast testing. Click here for more information.